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Damping Assessment for Crankshaft Design to Reduce the High Vibrations
Darshak T R , Shivappa H A & Preethi K
This research focuses on the identification and quantification of dynamic damping characteristics for the actual 4-stroke diesel engine with the aim of predicting and assessing the dynamic damping using finite element analysis. The torsional and bending vibration output from finite element analysis results are correlated with the results obtained from the testing and empirical relations. Every system containing individual mass and stiffness distribution is susceptible to vibrate. These vibrations can cause either by single impulse of load or a periodical load. In the first case a free vibration occurs and in the second case a forced vibration is achieved. A free vibration is not significance in technical applications because there is always a periodical load, which causes a force vibration. However, free vibration analysis is very important in determining the natural frequencies of the system. The outcome of the research will be a more realistic in achieving the highly accurate results which will be tested and correlated with the experimental results.
Crankshaft, Vibration, Harmonic, Modal, FEA
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