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Design and Analysis of Machine Tool Spindle for Special Purpose Machines (Spm) and Standardizing the Design Using Autodesk Inventor (I-Logic)
Chandan R , Harish R, Prahalad W & Shivappa H A
The work focuses on designing a machine tool spindle for SPM to carry out Face-milling operation on the given work-piece. The machine tool spindle is one of the major mechanical components in any machining center. The main structural properties of the spindle generally depend on the dimensions of the shaft, motor, tool holder, bearings and the design configuration of the overall spindle assembly. The bearing arrangements are defined by the type of operation, the cutting forces acting and the life of bearings. The forces which are affecting the machine tool spindle during machining are Tangential force (Fz), Axial force (Fx), radial force (Fy) will be estimated. Based on maximum cutting force incurred the analysis will be carried out. Design calculations are performed for bearing and spindle shaft using Analytical approach for determination of bearing life and the rigidity of the spindle shaft respectively. The spindle is then modeled using Autodesk Inventor modeling software. Finite Element method is used on Spindle shaft, critical and structural components to determine total deformation and von-Mises stress in the components. In Finite Element Method, Static structural analysis is performed to determine stress and total deformation in the components. Validation of the result is obtained by comparing of Analytical result with Finite Element Analysis using ANSYS. Here, in this project we use iLogic, a program in Autodesk inventor to design the different sizes of machine tool spindle as per the requirement at a faster rate. iLogic permits rules-driven design, which provides a simple way to obtain and reuse your work. Use of iLogic helps in standardization and automation of the design processes and configures virtual products. It also supports design optimization.
iLogic, von-Mises Stress, FEA, Tangential, Milling Operation.
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