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Design Assessment and Finite Element Analysis of Crankshaft
Vijay Siddappaji , Amith Kumar S N & Byregowda K C
Crank shaft is a part of the engine, which converts the reciprocating displacement of the piston to a rotary motion with a four link mechanism. Crankshaft must be strong enough to take the downward force of the power stroke without excessive bending, so the reliability and life of the internal combustion engine depend on the strength of the crankshaft largely. As the engine starts, the power impulses hit the crankshaft in one place and then another. The torsional vibration appears when a power impulse hits a crankpin toward the front of the engine and the power stroke ends. If not controlled, it can break the crank shaft. This project mainly focuses on the design assessment, optimization and failure analysis of a forged steel crank shaft development for the single cylinder four stroke diesel engine cycles. The analysis was done for the single cylinder four stroke diesel engine and as a result, critical region on the crankshafts were obtained. Stress variation over the engine cycle and the effect of torsional load in the analysis were investigated. And also the effects of impact load in the analysis were investigated.
Crankshaft, Crankpin, Torsional Vibration, Impact Load.
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