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Experimental Investigation of Steel Tube Reinforced Composite L-Joint and T-Joints
Kuntanahal Rajashekar , Shivappa H A
In today’s growing world composite materials are one type of materials which satisfy the unabated thirst for new materials which has to satisfy the various requirements in various fields. Glass fiber reinforced polymers (GFRPs) is a fiber reinforced polymer made of a plastic matrix reinforced with fine fibers of glass. These fibers are randomly arranged but it is commonly woven into a mat and the plastic matrix is a thermosetting plastic which are epoxy, polyester resin or vinyl ester or a thermoplastic. Continuous research efforts are being made to improve specific strength / strength to weight ratio of composite structures. The present investigation is one such effort where in the study related to the influence of hollow steel tube reinforced in composites has been made. The study is primarily experimental in nature and the comparison is made on realizing the relatively higher strength to weight ratio of L beam and T beam. Experimental investigation on strength of hollow steel tube reinforced, E-glass polyester composite material T-section and L-section is carried out to increase the specific stiffness of glass/polyester composite material. The main aim of these works is to obtain the stiffness to weight ratio of the material. The research work here is concerned with the fabrication and analysis of steel tube reinforced glass/ polyester composite T-section and L-section, which can be used for several applications purpose. The experimental results are compared for specimen with the without steel reinforced specimens and with steel tube reinforced specimens.
Reinforcement, E-glass, Polyester, Composite material, Stiffness.
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