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Design and Structural Optimization of Multiple Bush Pressing Machine
Madhusudhana S , & Chandan R
A Multiple Bush Pressing Machine structure has been cad modeled using Solid works and the same is exported to Hypermesh, a meshing tool for quality mesh. The geometry is split and two types of mesh are used in the problem based on the regularity of the components. The regular components with constant cross sections are grouped to separate components and irregular components grouped to three dimensional components. Shell mesh is used for regular components and three dimensional brick elements are used for irregular members. Calculations are carried out to find the bush pressing load acting on the cam bush pressers. Initially analysis is carried out to check finite element results with theoretical calculations. Two critical members are checked and results are found to have error variation less than 15%. So, Finite element analysis can be carried out for the full machine structure.
Multiple Bush Pressing Machine, FEM, Pascal’s law, Hydraulic Systems.
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