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Design and Analysis on Dovetail Joint of an Aero Engine Compressor Disc and Blade with Different Skew Angle
Amith Kumar , Amaresh H G & Basavaraj Noolvic
In an aero engine rotating disc and blades are the crucial components has their structural integrity is vital to the engine’s service life. Design of attachment between compressor blades and disc is critical in order to transfer the large loads generated due to centrifugal action and other gas loads between these components. Several different methods have been adopted for establishing attachment between the blades and the discs such as welded, pin, dovetail and fir-tree joint etc., but in this study dovetail joint is considered, with straight and 100, 200 and 300 skew models. This study is concerned about the effect of skew 100, 200 and 300 angle on compressor disc and blade assembly with different operational loads &Constant coefficient of friction. Finite element model was developed by using commercially available software, ANSYS Workbench to capture the stress concentration region. Comparative study is performed between straight and skew 10°, 200 and 300 angle of dovetail joint.
Aero engine, Compressor Disc, Blade, Dovetail Joint, Skew Angle.
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