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Thermal Analysis of Helical and Spiral Gear Train
Shital Nagarale , Dr. D V Ghewade & A N Pandav
The work presented here is the study of thermal analysis of helical and spiral gears transmission gearbox. Firstly the design of the gearbox is done by empirical formulas. The 2D drawing is then drafted to a 3D model by 3D modeling software. The thermal analysis is done for the temperature generated at the tip of the mating gears. The temperature relation is studied for no load and full load condition. The problem of heat generation in meshing gears is predominant and hence it is necessary to study & analyze this problem & reduce the amount of heat generation. This will improve the performance of the printing machine which in turn will improve the production rate and quality.
Printing Machine, Gear Box, Design, Thermal Analysis, Helical Gear
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