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Design and Analysis of Waste Heat Recovery System to Improve the Performance of Blast Furnace
K Nagaraj Rao , Chandrashekar Hiregoudar & M. Jeethendra
In the present work waste heat recovery system is designed to integrate the heat of waste gas in the blast furnace stoves process. For this reason a case study of distinctive Blast furnace stoves is measured. The waste gas from a Blast furnace stoves exits at a temperature of around 350 to 4000C. A lot of sensible heat is lost with these gases. This heat is utilized to preheat the air entering to stoves. Further, the waste gas at reduced temperature is used to pre heat BF gas & Combustion air. Consequently, considerable energy savings is achieved which increases the efficiency of the process manifold. The objective of this project is to design a suitable heat recovery system for above cases which can efficiently remove the sensible heat and put it to use.
Waste Heat, Recovery, Waste Heat Utilisation, Design.
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