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Thermo-Mechanical Simulation of Residual Stress Estimations in the Butt Welds using Finite Element Simulation
Rajshekhar B A , & Dr H V Ramakrishna
Thermal Stresses plays important role in the engineering applications. Welding is one type of manufacturing process which finds wide usage in permanent assembly process which constitutes a thermal process by melting the region of joining and solidification after cooling. The joints are stronger compared to other joining process like soldiering, brazing etc. In the present work, the effect of heat flux is analysed on temperature generation and corresponding residual stresses after cooling process. Also analysed for the effect of thickness on the welding process. Further the effect of convection or cooling process on residual stress formation in the joint.
Submerged Arc Welding, High Strength Structural Steels, Newton Raphson methodology
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