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Design and Fabrication of Eco-Friendly Foldable Scooter
Naimeesh C H M , Naveen Kumar T, Sandeep B R, Sharath Kumar B N & Batluri Tilak Chandra
Now a days we are having the more number of two wheeler scooter. It causes the many problems in the day to day life. The major problems are pollution, traffic, depletion of non-renewable resources etc. The basic aim behind our project was to make an environmental friendly portable automobile which would be easy to handle by both the sexes and would emit 0% emission. We have used D.C motor as our main power source due to which there is no emission at all and also the problem of fuel consumption is solved. Also keeping in mind the parking problems now days, we decided to make a scooter which can be folded easily, and so after the use one can fold the scooter and can be easily carried. The design allows users to easily transport the scooter using less space when it is “folded” it becomes compact in size. This project is unique and no foldable scooter is presently available in market till now. It is a light-weight foldable electric scooter, produced on the basis of a brand new concept. This is an advantage in terms of reaching a very low weight and foldability. The maximum speed the scooter is capable to operate with is 35 km/h, and its range with a single charge is approximately 25 km (with double battery pack 40 km). It has in-wheel-motors in rare wheel (single-wheel drive). Its folding can easily be mastered. In its folded state the scooter is the size of a large trolly and it can be pulled similarly. Its weight is less than 25 kg. It requires no parking space; in a folded state it can be stored anywhere and no dirt will be released from the tires or the drum.
Portable, Environment Friendly, Motorized Scooter, Power, Speed, Lightweight, Foldable.
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