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Structural Analysis and Shape Optimization of Two Wheeler Wheel Spokes
Jnanesh K , Imran Ali M R & Zahoor Ahmed Shariff
Spokes make vehicles look great but at the same time they require attention in maintenance. To perform their functions best, the spokes must be kept under the right amount of tension. The two main types of motorcycle rims are solid wheels, in which case the rim and spokes are all cast as one unit and the other spoke wheels, where the motorcycle rims are laced with spokes. These types of wheels require unusually high spoke tension, since the load is carried by fewer spokes. If a spoke does break, the wheel generally becomes instantly un-rideable also the hub may break. For the optimization of weight 4 or 5 spokes wheel instead of a 6 spokes wheel can be done but its strength should be optimum. So when we reduce the number of spokes shape optimization of the spokes becomes necessary to meet the strength requirements, on which this project is focused.
Shape Optimization, Two Wheeler, Spokes, Alloy.
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