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One Step Formability Analysis of Chain Guide Mounting Bottom Bracket Using Siemens NX10
Vyshakh , & L G Sannamani
Demands for complicated products have increased dramatically over the last few years taking into consideration of sheet metal parts in automobile, aeronautical and engineering applications. For reliable product development and stable production process, the use of analysis is necessary to analysis part before manufacturing. This paper deals with the One Step Formability analysis simulation of press tool component with the help of Siemens NX Software. The analysis of the component is also done to analyze stress strain deformation and spring back test solution of the component. The application of various CAD/CAE design is explained for the component with techniques practically should cover the full product development cycle. The purpose of carrying out analysis is to prevent the costly tryouts and thus optimize the time.
Press tool, CAD/CAE, One Step Formability Analysis in NX-10.
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