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One Step Formability Analysis of LSV link bracket Using Siemens NX
Nagesh H R , & Sannamani L G
This project concerns the methodologies to be used to simulate complete formability of aerospace sheet metal components and the study of how different mechanical properties propagate and influence the component fabrication. Most of the Automobile and Aerospace components are manufactured using Press tool with sheet metal operations. These increasing requirements necessities a design and manufacturing procedure based on Finite element method Sheet metal formability results predictions. With the assistance of Sheet metal one step formability analysis, the problem regions, causes and solutions can be found using the Computer aided Engineering techniques and productivity can be achieved by reducing expensive shop floor Press tool tryouts and eliminating reworking of tools. This paper describes the methodology by which, influence of product design, metal properties and manufacturing boundary conditions on deformation of sheet metal component. The outcome results on the components can be analysed and post processed results can be used to redesign the Punch, Die, Component and determining the Manufacturing parameters like Pressure pad load, spring back constraints etc. The virtual Finite element analysis can detect spring back, splitting, thinning defects, Stress and strain limits at the component design stage. The study is carried out using Siemens NX software One step formability
Finite Element Analysis, Bending, Forming, NX one step Formability
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