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Design, Analysis of Punch and Die for Blanking, Piercing and Forming tools to Produce Chain Guide Mounting Bottom Bracket
Vyshakh , Sannamani L G & Dr Ramegowda D
In this paper Design and analysis procedure to develop Blanking, piercing and forming press tool for Chain guide mounting bottom bracket is discussed. Press tool is a device used for producing sheet metal components in large volume by applying an external force with the help of a machine tool called press. Press tool operations are divided in to cutting, non-cutting and hybrid press operation.. The components manufactured using this process and it gives high dimensional accuracy therefore automobile engineering and aircraft firm depend largely on press tools components. Chain guide mounting bottom bracket is a part which is used in brake assembly unit of automobiles. Sequence of operation is planned initially and then press tool is designed and analyzed. The purpose of carrying out analysis is to prevent the costly tryouts and thus optimize the quality and rate of production
Press tool, CAD/CAE, FEM, Analysis.
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