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Design and Fabrication of Pneumatic Transplanter
Anupam Anand P , Rozan Manzoor, Rahul Augustine C J & Prabhu Rahul M
Developing countries contribute to about 72% of the total production of vegetables in the world. India, which is one among them, is the second largest producer of vegetables in the world and accounts for about 15% of the production of vegetables in the world. Its production level is over 90Mtons from around 6.2 million hectares. However, the whole cultivation process is done mainly by hand or manually except for the preparation of soil. This manual cultivation involves huge investments in cost, time and labor. In addition to this, hand held transplanters are also used for cultivation purposes. It consists of components like handle, lever, hollow pipe, jaw and jaw operating wire. This implement penetrates into the soil by its self-weight hold with handle, seedling is dropped into the hollow pipe and then the jaw is opened with the lever. The main drawback of the hand held transplanter is that it does not reduce the manpower completely. This gives rise to a need for a transplanter which further reduces manpower. Therefore, this project was focused on the Design, Fabrication, Testing and Evaluation of a Pneumatic Transplanter. This project demonstrates the application of engineering techniques to reduce the labor efforts and time required for transplanting. The designed pneumatic transplanter consists of 2 Pneumatic Cylinders, a compressor, a battery, 2 solenoid valves, a plant feeding pipe, a base plate, a switch board, 3 switches- one for the forward motion, one for the cylinder extension and retraction and one for the opening and closing of valves, tubes- to carry the compressed air, tube fittings, 2 pair of wheels and 4 DC motors. By using pneumatic components, the production process is made more economical since these components are cheap, durable and the cost of repair is significantly lower than other systems.
Cylinder, Transplanter, Hollow Pipe, Pneumatic, Fabrication.
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