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Alternative Design of C Clamp for Minimization of Counter Weight Using FEM
Gurusharan Dhummansure , M M M Patnaik
C-Clamps are the major equipment in the load lifting applications. In the competitive environment, the trial is always for the better products with less stress and higher durability along with optimum functioning. In the mechanical members, stress is the most important in deciding the safety of the structure. In the present work, a C-Clamp of 15 tons capacity is checked for the structural safety by finite element analysis. The geometry is built and converted to finite element model by Solidedge, meshing using standard meshing software Hypermesh. The meshed geometry is imported to Ansys to check for 15 ton load capacity. Three dimensional brick mesh is carried out for accurate results. The results are captured for stress and deformation to check the structural safety. Due to ductile nature of the problem, von-Mises stress is captured. The result shows safety of the structure for stress conditions, but failing for deformation conditions. So stiffness of the structure needs to be increased to reduce the deflection of the structure. Alternative mechanisms are explored to make the structural component safe. Since bending moment directly depends on free length and force applications, the mechanisms are represented to balance this moment from the opposite side. The results shows if problem is converted to simply supported case, the shear force, bending moment and bending stress will reduce along with counter weight requirements. If the C-Clamp is arranged with an equal length arm to support the component, almost counter weight can be eliminated or else count weight can be minimized. The results for all configurations are shown with corresponding graphical representation.
C-Clamp, Structural Safety, Bending Moment, C-Clamp, von-Mises Stress.
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