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Static and Rotor Dynamic Analysis of Camshaft Assembly Using Finite Element Analysis
Vinayaka Bongale , & Dr. N Kapilan
Structural analysis is most widely used in rotating machinery to analyse the unpredictable nature of vibrations as this type of vibrations may be related to structural properties or application of lubrication or misalignment of the members or improper friction etc. However advancement in the virtual simulation technology based on finite element analysis addresses these problems with relative ease compared to integral based complex theoretical calculations. In the present work, a cam box assembly of two cams of two lobes is analyzed for structural safety for static conditions and for rotor dynamic conditions. The results are obtained for major structural safety parameters of stress and deflection. The results show complete safety of the problem. Further rotor dynamic analysis is carried out through Campbell diagram. The results shows elimination of the critical speed from the operational range and also high natural frequencies are obtained with higher length intermediate bearings.
Camshaft assembly, FEA, Campbell diagram, analysis.
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