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Analysis of Effect of Lamina Orientation on Static and Dynamic Behavior of Aircraft Wing
Prashanth P M , & Amruth E
An aircraft is a complex structure, but very efficient man-made flying machine. Aircraft are generally built up from the basic components of wings, fuselage, tail units and control surfaces. The optimum structural design of an Air craft wing is an important factor in the performance of the airplanes i.e. obtaining a wing with a high stiffness/weight ratio and sustaining the unexpected loading such as gust and maneuvering situations. The critical element of aircraft is the design of the wings. Several factors influence the selection of material of which strength allied to lightness is the most important. Composite materials are well known for their excellent combination of high structural stiffness and low weight. Because of higher stiffness-to-weight or strength-to-weight ratios compared to isotropic materials, composite laminates are becoming more popular. The objective of this project is to perform static and dynamic analysis to evaluate stresses and displacement induced in air craft wing for different lamina orientation. Also to study the effect of stacking sequence and lamina thickness on performance of wing structure.
Static, Dynamic, Analysis, Lamina Orientation, Thickness, Strength-Weight Ratio
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