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Topology Optimization of Steering Knuckle using Finite Element Analysis
Santosh Gowda K R , Dr. A R Anwar Khan & Mohammed Imran
Knuckle is a main member in the automobile steering system. The load transfer to the front axle is carried out by the steering knuckle. Steering knuckle is mainly a cast product which has inherent brittleness. Many times this brittleness is the main cause of failure of Knuckle under fatigue fracture. To eliminate this, the central portion of the knuckle should be made of ductile weld structure. The present work is concentrated on the elimination of central region to replace with a ductile weld structure. Initially the original knuckle structure is built using three dimensional modelling software and drafted for dimensions.
Knuckle, Topology, Steering, Optimization, Brittle, Ductile.
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