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Fatigue and Fracture Analysis of Spindle Index Assembly for Conveyor Applications Using Finite Element Analysis
Siddegowda Y P , Dr. A R Anwar Khan & Mohammed Imran
This paper is presented on Fatigue and Fracture analysis of Spindle index Assembly for conveyor applications using FEA. The premature failure is predicted by virtual simulation techniques by checking through all possible combination of loads. In the present work, a failed spindle assembly used in the armature winding is analyzed to find the cause of failure. The results of both maximum and minimum loading conditions are stored for a node which is subjected to maximum stress conditions. An alternating stress is calculated from the Ansys module which shows higher value compared to the allowable fatigue limit of the member. Further the effect of fracture is analyzed in the problem. The growth of crack is introduced in the model by re-meshing and detaching the elements for required depth. The analysis is done for the same loads which shows increased alternating stress values and reduced number of cycles for given stress conditions
Fracture, Spindle, Armature Winding, Fatigue, Fracture.
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