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Root Cause Failure Analysis of Current Transformer Core Shaft Assembly and Improvement Using Finite Element Analysis
Shivachandra S , Dr. Mohamed Haneef & Mohammed Imran
Vibrations are the major cause of failure of engineering structures. Even the failure of small component in an assembly, it will results to complete failure of the whole assembly. So it is always better to design the components individually as well as for assembly conditions. Also virtual simulation techniques can be used effectively to find the structural conditions for stress, deformation, size, shape, material for obtaining optimized structures. The analysis is done for two cases of boundary conditions. One is for installation and working conditions and other for transportation conditions. Three dimensional meshing is done for all the components and results are obtained for individual components. For both the conditions structural safety is checked for all the components. The results for core shaft and insulation paper analysis shows failure of the component for both stress and modal conditions. The obtained natural frequency value is almost near to the automobile operational frequency. So possibility of resonance is certain in the core shaft. Even for stress condition also the core shaft insulation paper is failing. Further boundary conditions are suggested and analyzed for stress and deformation.
Natural Frequency, Modal Analysis, Resonance, Deformation, Stress, Core Shaft.
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