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Design and Analysis of Motion Simulator Structure Used in Antenna Mounting System
B Naga Sindhuja , & R Satya Meher
Antennas are the most used equipment for analyzing celestial objects as well as ground communications. In this paper, a motion simulator structure is theoretically designed for strength, modeled in three dimensional space and analyzed for fatigue loading. Initially the wind load calculations are carried out based on the standard formulas for 200Kmph speed. Every individual component of assembly is theoretically checked for the design safety. Further three dimensional modeling is carried out using CATIA software. Meshing is done through HYPERMESH and imported to ANSYS in ‘inp’ file format for further analysis to find the safety of the assembly for the given loading conditions. The analysis results are captured for both the loading conditions corresponding to the maximum and minimum loads. The result shows safety of the assembly for static conditions under both the cases. Similarly the fatigue analysis carried out on the structure also shows complete safety under the fluctuating loading conditions. Further modal analysis carried out to find the dynamic safety shows very high fundamental natural frequency compared to the operational frequency. All the results are represented with corresponding pictures to show structural safety
Antenna, Analysis, Alt-azimuth, X-V mount, Fatigue
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