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Structural Safety and Response Spectrum Analysis of Globe Valve Using Finite Element Analysis
Anand , & Yogeesha H C
Stress analysis plays very important role in the working of the engineering components. Prior stress estimation helps in optimizing the structural design. Also it helps to identify the safety factor in the designs. Due to the advances in the computer based virtual simulation techniques based on numerical methods helps in checking the structural condition of the engineering components under various loading conditions. Also it gives number of alternative designs which helps the designer for better product development. In the present work, a globe valve of 1.2 meter height is checked for structural safety conditions through finite element analysis. The analysis is extended for spectrum and power spectral response analysis. Initially the geometry of globe valve is built along with its structural components. Later it is imported to Hypermesh for meshing and connectivity. The meshed model is imported to Ansys in ‘inp’ file format with load collectors. Initially static analysis is carried out based on internal pressure load along with spring tension. The result shows complete safety of the problem. Further analysis carried out to find the rigidity of the valve. The results shows valve is rigid and a static equivalent response spectrum analysis is carried out. The result shows complete safety of the problem along with its structural components. Similarly PSD response analysis results show complete safety of the problem. All the results are represented with necessary graphical plots
Globe Valve, Structural safety, Response Spectrum, Solid Edge, FEM
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