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Design and Development of 5 ton C-type press structure and Optimization through Finite Element Analysis
Manikanta M , Dr. Mohamed Haneef & Mohammed Imran
In the present work, 5 tons of press structure is designed based on two conceptual designs. The analysis is done in two stages two find the effect of individual component analysis and assembly analysis. The results show small change in the deformation and stress conditions with both type of analysis. Since the stresses and deflections are well within the allowable limit, the conceptual design is safe for the given loading conditions. Further the second conceptual design is exported into Hypermesh and a good quality shell mesh is carried out due to regular and thin sections. The analysis results for the second conceptual model shows lesser deformation compared to the first configuration. Further design optimization is done to check the structural safety and weight reduction. Two sets of design variables with two sets of state variables are considered with one set of objective function (Weight) using sub problem approximation technique. Totally 11 sets of which 7 feasible sets are obtained and final set results are also presented.
Stresses, Deflections, Conceptual Design, Optimization, Hydraulic Press.
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