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Determination of Burst Pressure of Spherical Shell
Balaji J , & Shivappa H A
It is important for every engineer to analyze and design the pressure vessel that will provide safety, durability and serviceability to the company. Accomplishing this task will require knowledge of parameters that affecting the pressure vessel due to varying loads, pressure and thickness of shell element. The most important one is that the given geometry of pressure vessel must be analyzed to assured it meet the design standards and design of pressure vessel is required to meet an acceptable stresses. Now a day, wide number of fire accidents are reported in news because of failure of these pressure vessels. Many standards like ASME, API provide guidelines for the design of the pressure vessels with safety factors. At the same time, it is equally important to know the burst pressure of a pressure vessel. In this perspective, current study would like to address the procedure to determine the burst pressure and burst failure locations of spherical pressure vessel using FEA, Commercial finite element software ANSYS is used. A detailed non-linear FEA analysis will be carried out for this purpose. Further, design iterations will be carried out to optimize the performance of spherical shells under same capacity.
Non-Linear Structural Analysis, Spherical Pressure Vessels, Material Non-Linearity, Burst Pressure, Internal Pressure.
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