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Study of Low-Velocity Impact Induced Damage on a Composite Drive Shaft
Thimmaiah A.G , Thimmaiah A G, Sujith N S, Subbaiah K S & Kaveriappa M B
Composite materials have the very high strength to weight ratio so, they are now being widely used in aerospace and automobile structures but, as with all engineering materials, it is important to fully understand their properties and behavior before it is included in the structures. An important consideration when designing composite structures is its vulnerability to damage caused by impact loading. Even under low-velocity impact conditions, composites are susceptible to internal damage caused by transverse loads. Unlike metallic structures, material damage for composites can be hidden within the material and show no form of external damage. For the numerical work conducted in this study, the finite element software ANSYS/LSDYNA has been employed to composite drive shaft HM Carbon/epoxy for automotive applications. The outcome of the results shows that the comparisons for displacement, velocity and contact force are seen that the numerical results provided by ANSYS/LS-DYNA are in good agreement with theoretical values.
Composites, Low- Velocity Impact, Drive Shaft, Carbon/epoxy, ANSYS/LSDYNA
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