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Stress Analysis and Design Optimization of an Automotive Frame Structure
Abhishek Nelgera , M S Vipul Ganapathy, Lakshminarayan R & Chethan B
The cost and quality of the products are very important in the present competitive market to sustain the business. The engineering team is continuously working towards improving their products in terms of durability life, lower cost and better performance. The cost reduction can be achieved by changing material like from alloy to composites, changing design parameters like gauge thickness, cross section changes etc. Automotive frame structures (chassis) are subjected to high stresses under 3 loading scenarios viz. 3g vertical ditch, under turning and 1g braking load cases. A finite element analysis is performed for all these load cases. The loads are applied at the tire-ground contact location. The welding between the different components in the chassis structure is captured accurately. The thickness of the chassis plates can be optimized to achieve the required stress levels. The stresses developed in the chassis for the 3 load cases are utilized to run a fatigue analysis. The fatigue envelope thus developed shows the presence of any “hot spots” in chassis that may still have to be improved.
Automobile chassis, frequency, Stress, Modal analysis, Structural analysis.
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