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Design Optimization of 8 Ton Engine Block Bush Pressing Machine Structure Using FEA
Ajay S J , & Prasad H Nayak
Optimization is procedure of obtaining the best structure out of available multiple designs. The best design should satisfy the functional requirements along with weight. Initially theoretical calculations are carried out based on the mechanics of material concepts for the given loading conditions. The top and bottom shell sections are designed based on limiting deflection value. The side frame is built using compression capacity and buckling capacity. Initial calculations shows thickness of 54 mm for top and bottom plates and 14mm for the side frame. Later assembly analysis is carried out to find the optimum dimensions for the given problem. Shell concept is used for faster variation of thickness through design optimizer module. It is very difficult to vary the three dimensional geometrical models using optimizer. Finally, the optimized dimensions are used to build the final press structure with geometrical consideration for the realistic or practical conditions. The analysis results show compatibility with the required deflection and stress values for the built geometry.
Optimization, Press structure, Analysis, Ansys.
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