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Stress Analysis and Design Optimization of Impeller Mount Machine Structure
Bhaskar M , & Suhas V
In the present work, a frame structure over which two impellers are mounted is modelled and meshed using hyper mesh. One dimensional beam elements, two dimensional shell elements are used for the mesh. The mesh is checked for all the quality requirements for better results. The load application is done through rigid body elements (RBE3) connecting to the slave or dependent nodes. After application of boundary conditions, the problem is executed for structural conditions. Self-weight analysis is carried out and the developed stresses and deformations are well within the limits. Later analysis is continued with external loads for stress and deformation conditions. Since rigidity is the main design requirement, design optimization is carried out based on limits of deformation. Totally 11 design sets are represented along with two state variables taking weight as the objective function. Here the design variables are nothing but geometrical variable or thickness of the members which need to be reduce for weight optimization. All the design sets are represented along with the best set. Finally, modal analysis is carried out to check the dynamic vibration conditions.
Impeller, Mount, Design, Stress, Optimisation, Ansys.
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