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Design and Analysis of Composite Sandwich Panel against Impact Loads for Airborne Radome
Prasanna Kumar K , , Ilavarasu S, Mandeep Singh & Maruthi Kumar
Radome is a structural weatherproof enclosure or cover that protects radar system from environment. Radome should be designed in such a way, not to attenuate electromagnetic signals transmitted but also to have high mechanical strength against bird impact loads and aerodynamic loads. Radome has designed for loads against impact with 4 lb bird. E-glass fiber laminates are used for skin and aramid honeycomb is used as core material. The core and face sheet thickness are decided based on the EM performance and Structural Strength point of view. Hyper mesh, LS-Dyna and CST Microwave software are used for analysis. Face sheets are represented by shell elements where as solid elements are used for core representation. Orthotropic material model and equivalent material properties are used for simulation. Bonding between laminates and core is achieved using modelling a layer of film adhesive with penalty based tie-break contacts. Smooth particle hydrodynamics (SPH) approach is used for bird model (4-pound bird with 150 m/s velocity). Hashin failure criteria was used for explicit dynamic (Bird Strike Simulation) FE Analysis. The bird fails to penetrate through the sandwich composite specimen. The EM performance of Radome is simulated using CST Microwave software and the same are measured experimentally in the Planar near field measurement facility (PNFM).
Radome, Antenna, SPH, Bird Strike, Impact Analysis, EM Performance.
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