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Design and Analysis of Effect of Core Thickness in UAV Wing
Puttappa H R , Ravi Prakash M & Madhusudhan Reddy
Sandwich construction is enormously using in airliner, rocket and satellite structures because of high strength to weight ratio. Sandwich constructed with thin, high strength and high stiffness sheets of fiber or metallic composite material divided by a thick layer of less density substance as shown in Figure 1 The thicker sheet of less density substance commonly known as core material having light foam type (e.g. Rohacell or Nomex core as shown in Figure 2 or metallic honeycomb as shown in Figure 3 or corrugated core as shown in Figure 4. The core material adhesively bonded to the face sheets. A sandwich-prepared composite is an exceptional class of composite materials which is fabricated by combining two thin substances but having rigid films with lightweight but having wide core. The core substance is typically prepared which is having less strength substance; however it is having high thickness present the sandwich composite which is having larger bending stiffness and when we take it as whole material will be having less density.
Core Thickness, Composite, UAV, Rustom, Wing, Honeycomb, Stress, Stran, Bending Moment, Nestron.
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