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Thermo-Structural Performance Analysis of IC Engine Piston Under Thermal Barrier Coatings Using Finite Element Analysis
Manjunath N , Maharaja Gowda B & Dr. Raghavendra Joshi
Initially piston is modeled as per the dimensions and later built into a three dimensional model. This model is imported to Hypermesh for quality meshing. Due to complicatory shape, tetra mesh is used for the problem. Load collectors are created to apply the boundary conditions. Thermo-mechanical analysis is carried out using ansys. The results show safety of the piston for the given loads. But higher stresses due to these load, may create possible creep and fatigue failures to the piston. Since main stress development is due to temperature, thermal barrier coatings are used to reduce the temperature and in turn stress in the piston structure. Analysis is carried out to find the effect of thickness of top coat on stress and temperature drop on the structure. The results shows, thickness of top coat has higher effect on stress and temperatures
TBC, Piston, FEA, Stress, Thermal Load.
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