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Connecting Rod Test Fixture Design and Finite Element Optimization for Bush Pressing Loads
Sharmas Vali S , Mohammed Fayaz K & Ravi G
A Testing Fixture is designed and optimized using Finite element Analysis. Initially the thickness is calculated based on the standard deflection formulae for shell members. Later the loading is done to the real conditions and the geometrical parameters are obtained through finite element software Ansys. A geometrical structure composed of base plate, ribs are design optimised to find the best suitable dimensions for width, thickness and height. Three design variables are considered along with one state variable (deflection) for optimization. Since weight reduction is the objective, weight is considered as the objective function. The design optimization summary shows only 9 feasible sets and the weight has reduced from 289 kgs to 136 kgs. Also the design optimizer tool has recommended the dimensions for plate thickness, rib thickness and height of the rib. Transient analysis results shows stability of the structure for the given transient loading. Further three dimensional analysis results shows complete safety of the structure for the given loads. Further dynamic analysis, even brake cylinder is modelled as a single noded mass element and coupled to both cylinder mount and wall mount. The results shows very high natural frequency of the system compared to the operational frequency of 30 Hz.
Fixtur design FEA Weight optimisation
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