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Design and Finite Element Optimization of Testing Fixture for Engine Brake System
Sharana Kumara K , Shiva Kumar S Y & Dr. Raghavendra Joshi
A testing fixture for brake testing operations is designed, analyzed and optimized for structural safety conditions using finite element analysis as well as theoretical calculations. Initially the theoretical calculations are carried out to find the initial thickness of the plate whose dimensions are specified as design constraints using shell deflection formulations. Geometry of the plate is built and analyzed under simply supported and uniformly distributed load conditions. The results show slight variation of theoretical and numerical results. Further the geometry is built for actual conditions and analyzed to find the deformation and stress. Similarly further geometries are built with rib structure for analysis. The design optimization is carried out using three design variables (plate thickness, rib thickness and rib height) and one state variable (deflection). Since fixtures are designed mainly for deformation, deflection is considered as the state variables. Weight is considered as the objective function. Total of 50 sets with 30 infeasible sets are specified for the design optimizer with 0.1 kg convergence tolerance. But the optimizer is converged for 39 sets with 9 feasible sets satisfying the functional requirements. So the set number 39 has given the best possible dimensions for the cylinder mount for further manufacturing.
Fixture optimization Design sets Deformation FEA
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