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Validation of the Fluid116 element usage for flow related problems in ANSYS thermal analysis
Thermal simulations play an important role in the design of many engineering applications, including internal combustion engines, turbines, heat exchangers, piping systems, and electronic components. In many cases, engineers follow a thermal analysis with a stress analysis to calculate thermal stresses (that is, stresses caused by thermal expansions or contractions). ANSYS has the capability of both Steady state (SS) & transient thermal analysis capabilities. In any thermal analysis, to deal the convection problems, an input of bulk temperature is required. Not always, bulk temperature approach is going to provide correct results. In the physical problem where flow effects are predominant, bulk temperature fails e.g. turbine cooling flows, secondary flow system of HPC or HPT, etc. Fluid116 element can address this efficiently. Current paper discusses the usage & validation of fluid116 element capabilities.
Fluid116, Convection, Thermal analysis, ANSYS, Validation, Fluid heat up
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