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Imran Ali M R , Mr. Raghu Yogaraj, Mr. Rangaswamy H
Presently the industries are using journal bearing with one profile i.e. general type (circular), 2 lobes or 3 lobes at a time. But based on the situation we need a bearing that can provide a multipurpose journal bearing mechanism. Hence the present research work is carried on the study of journal bearing that can serve a multipurpose journal bearing mechanism in one bearing system. To achieve this, flexible shim and lubrication oil with good viscosity is used. The shim and lubrication should be adequate in such a way that when the external load is applied through the holes the shim can possess multipurpose journal bearing mechanism. Henceforth, providing general type, 2 lobes or 3 lobes based on the working loads. The research work basically focuses on developing a multipurpose journal bearing by changing the inner profile of the journal bearing by means of external load i.e. the journal bearing should possess 2 lobes and 3 lobes profile when working loads are increased abruptly. Multi-lobe journal bearing can refer to any number of lobes with the designer taking advantage of the ability to control the geometry of the shim. This usually means applying external load on the flexible shim so that the shim can possess 2 lobes and 3 lobes profile. In this thesis we will check the stability of the journal bearing for the given working loads for general (ordinary type), 2lobes and 3 lobes profile. This paper discusses the geometry and FEA analysis results which have been obtained all the three type of bearing profiles. The three main bearing profiles types discussed in this work are general (ordinary type), 2lobes and 3 lobes journal bearings. The critical speed summary table indicating some of the critical speeds for the first 9 modes of all the three types of journal bearings.
Stiffness, Critical Speed, Shim, Stability.
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