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Structural Analysis and Optimization of Two Wheeler Alloy Wheel by Using FEA Approach
MADHU K S , Ravi Prakash M & Somashekar H K
In the automobile sector, the industries are going to explore the composite material to achieve reduction of weight without significant decrease in vehicle quality and reliability. It is fact that reduction of unstrung weight leads to more precise handling and minimizing the fuel consumption. Aluminum alloys are presently used material for manufacture of two wheeler alloy wheel. Composites are the only materials that cater to the never ending demand of the material technology. Aluminum composite materials are the most widely used composite materials in auto mobile sectors due to their light weight and superior strengthability. Presently aluminum alloys are using for manufacturing of two wheeler alloy wheel that was replaced for steel wheels. Hence, the aim of the project is presenting the new material for two wheeler alloy wheel by using composite materials. Hybrid composite of Al-8% si-3% Al203-9% coconut shell ash was prepared using stir casting method and compared with the existing aluminum alloy wheel by using FEA approach. Geometry of alloy wheel was optimized to get reduction in weight by reducing number of spoke .New composite of Coconut shell ash and Alumina(Al203) reinforced Al-8%Silicon(Si can be successfully applicable for manufacturing of two wheeler alloy wheel.
Alloy wheel, Coconut shell ash (CSA), Aluminum composite, Silicon (Si), Alumina (Al203), FEA.
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