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Controlled Cryo Cooling of Hard Engineering Materials Affecting Mechanical Properties
Raghu Yogaraju , P. Sampath Kumaran, S. Seetharamu, D.S. Nadig
The success of any component material is depending on its workability and durability. The present work is focused on improvement of mechanical properties with a supplement to the conventional heat treatment. The cryogenic treatment is the alleviate process for improving the mechanical properties. The effect of cryogenic treatment on the retained austenite, hardness, residual stress and microstructure of some selected engineering materials is studied. The selected samples are subjected to Cryogenic treatment in comparison with the untreated ones have been investigated and the cryogenic treated specimens have shown improvement in the in terms of retained austenite getting transformed to tempered martensite and other with increase in hardness, reliving of residual stress. The X-ray diffraction (XRD) technique reveals the level of martensite and austenite, the microstructure features method shown relative results.
Martensite, austenite, XRD, Cryogenic treatment.
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