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In this paper an experiment investigate the feasibility of bubble pump based on water properties. A bubble pump is a fluid pump that operates on thermal energy to pump liquid from lower level to the higher level. It does not contain any moving parts. The bubble pump operates on the same principle that lifts coffee to the top of a coffee percolator.There are three different inner tube diameters with three sub mergence ratio (H/L) of 0.3, 0.4 and 0.5 are tested. The results showed that the bubble pump capacity increases with the thermal Energy processed and continues to increase up to a maximum value then begin to decline. Each tube diameter has its own maximum discharge; the bigger tube diameter gives higher maximum discharge which is in turn increases with the increasing of submergence ratio.The result shows that the submergence ratio of 0.5 allowed to high pumping because of bubble pump increases with the thermal energy processed and continues to increase up to a maximum value and then begin to decline with increasing heat input. Varying heat input of 10W to 100W and maintained the constant driving head. The main parameters of bubble pump are pumping tube diameter, pump lift, pump heat input and constant driving head. Using above parameters to investigate the mass flow rate, pumping ratio and vapour mass flow rate.
Pump tube diameters, Driving head, Pump tube length, Heat input and Water.
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