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Finite Element Modeling for Numerical Simulation of Hydroforming of Tube with Axisymmetric Bulge
A J Harin Kumar , Aruna Devi
Tube Hydroforming technology is a relatively new technology compared to other conventional stamping processes. Because of this there is low knowledge base for process control and product design. Because of prediction of correlation of axial feed with internal pressure and plotting of forming limits to obtain deformation zone are difficult to obtain manually and it will be quite expensive to check by trial and error. Understanding Tube Hydroforming process can be realized by computer simulation techniques. Simulation can be used to check and modify to select better product design coupled with tool design to achieve better process parameters. The obtained results in simulation will have practical significance in solving similar problems. It enables to investigate and broadens knowledge and stability of these kinds of processes. This can enhance productivity and expand Tube Hydroforming process in complex parts forming. This paper summarizes the results of simulation carried out by Computer Program ANSYS. The finite element modeling for numerical simulation of hydroforming of tube with axisymmetric bulge is carried out and the results of the study are presented and discussed with the future scope.
Tube Hydroforming technology, Finite Element Modeling, Numerical Simulation, Axisymmetric Bulge, Axial Feed, Internal Pressure
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