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Study on Electrical Discharge Machining and Effect of its Parameters
Rahul S. Khichadi , Sandip S. Shirsath
The Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) is one of the most common and most accepted non-traditional machining processes used in tooling industries. EDM is an important manufacturing method developed in 1940’s. The forming tools to produce plastic molding die casting, forging dies etc. It is an electro-thermal process and is based on eroding effect of an electrical spark on both electrode and work piece. It is a thermal erosion process where metal removal takes place by series of recurring electrical discharges between cutting tool acting as an electrode and a conductive work piece in the presence of a dielectric fluid. The dielectric fluid will be flooded in a small gap of about 0.01mm to 0.5mm. This discharge occurs in voltage gap between the electrode and work piece. Currently, non-traditional process possess virtually unlimited capabilities except for volumetric material removal rates, for which great advances here been made in past few years to increase the cost effectiveness of operations also increase. EDM is employed widely for making tools, dies and other precision parts.
EDM, Machining process, study of machining, erosion, MRR.
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