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Modelling and Simulation of Feed Water Heater for Steam Power Plant Systems
Byre Gowda , S. N Amith kumar, K. Preethi, H.A. Shivappa & T.N. Raju
The efficiency of power plant systems can be increased by studying feed water heater analysis. The analysis of feed water is a new concept and the performance can be improved by carrying out trial runs based on the analysis. The testing and analysis of the feed water experimentally is a laborious, time consuming and expensive process. The present work emphasizes on one-dimensional modeling and simulation of low pressure closed feed water heater using available computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation software, Flownex SE. The analysis comprises of evaluating the efficiency of feed water heater in a steam power plant by considering the effect of inlet tube temperature on the outlet tube temperature, pressure of steam drum and steam drum level in transient condition. In the present work an optimum inlet tube temperature is recommended for better performance of the steam power plant.
Flownex SE software, efficiency, feed water heater, steam drum pressure, inlet tube temperature and outlet tube temperature.
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