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Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Aluminium-Alumina-Flyash Particulate Metal Matrix Composites
Guru Prasad B S , Simon George, & Rajesh M.N
Most of the present research work in engineering focused towards materials and its developments such as smart materials, composites, alloys etc. Among these materials composites materials are playing crucial role in engineering applications like aerospace, automobile and marine industries because of its high strength to weight ratio, low cost and easy manufacturing. Under this light, in the present work the hybrid metal matrix composites are produced using stir casting methodology by using Aluminium Alloy Al6061 as matrix and Fly ash and Alumina as reinforcements. The hybrid composites are produced with different weight percentage of fly ash (9%, 12% & 15%) and keeping 3% Alumina as constant. The mechanical tests were carried out on as cast components to evaluate the mechanical properties like tensile strength, Hardness, Impact strength and fatigue life and the results of hybrid composites are showing good trend as compared to unreinforced alloy.
Metal Matrix Composites (MMC), Alumina, Fly Ash, Mechanical Properties.
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