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Application of Nanofluids for Heat Transfer Enchancement in Heat Exchangers a Review
Dhiraj Tiwari , Amitesh Paul
Nanofluids are potential heat transfer fluids with enhanced thermo physical properties and heat transfer performance can be applied in many devices for better performances (i.e. energy, heat transfer and other performances). The forced convective heat transfer and flow characteristics of a nanofluid consisting of water and different volume concentrations of nanofluids flowing in horizontal heat exchangers under different flow conditions are investigated. The purpose of this review summarizes the important published articles on the enhancement of the convection heat transfer in heat exchangers using nanofluids. Because of its superior thermal performances, latest up to date literatures on this property have been summarized and presented in this paper as well.
Nanofluids, Thermal conductivities, Heat transfer, Heat Transfer Applications, Heat exchanger.
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