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Heat Transfer Enhancement by Using Nanofluid Jet Impingement A Review
Yatendar Dayal , Amitesh Paul
Fluid heating and cooling play very important roles in many industries including power generation, production processes, transportation and electronics. Nanofluid heat transfer is an innovative technology which can be used to enhance the heat transfer. The term nanofluid refers to a new kind of fluid produced by suspending nanoparticles in the base fluid. A novel approach to engineering fluids with better heat transfer properties based on the rapidly emerging field of nanotechnology has recently been proposed. In particular it was demonstrated that solid nanoparticle colloids (i.e. colloids in which the grains have dimensions of 10-40 nm) are extremely stable and exhibit no significant settling under static condition even after week or months. Impinging liquid jet is an established technique to provide high local heat transfer coefficients between the impinged liquid and a surface. This review reports research on liquid impingement jets and the abilities, limitations and features of this method of heat transfer.
Nanofluid, Liquid Jet Impingement, Heat Transfer.
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