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Design and Acoustic Analysis of Hybrid Muffler
snehasis pal
In 21st century, automobile industries are booming at an unimaginable space. An inbred snag of IC engines is that it is a main root cause of noise pollution. That is the reason mufflers are used to muffle the noise produced. But mufflers need design and geometry considering the physics behind it which is very confounded. Established muffler design has been an iterative process by trial and error method. The present work involved the optimization of the mufflers design by designing a hybrid muffler. The 3D modeling was done using commercially available CAD software package such as CATIA. For acoustic analysis, the transmission loss of the present dissipative muffler and hybrid muffler was done using FEA software package ANSYS. To validate this method for acoustic analysis using ANSYS, comparison of Transmission loss was done for dissipative muffler models with experimentally measured values. It was found that Measured TL & predicted TL are matching well within +/-3dB, this validated that the FEA method holds good for this analysis. The hybrid muffler having three different iterations solely based on different air gap between absorptive layer (fibrous material) and perforated pipe was analyzed. Transmission loss analysis was compared with the TL of existing models which showed an increase of TL at higher frequency ranges.
Muffler, Acoustic, Dissipative, Hybrid Muffler and Transmission loss
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