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Performance Investigation of High Pressure Ratio Centrifugal Compressor using CFD
Manjunath dc , Rajesh, Dr.V.M.Kulkarni
The overall efficiency and the operating range of the compressor are dependent on the design of both impeller and the diffuser. Computational studies were carried out using the available commercial CFD code FLUENT to study the flow behavior in a centrifugal impeller and conventional vane diffuser for the different blade setting angles with reference to the fixed impeller blade outlet angle. The results obtained by the CFD analysis were compared with the experimental data available in test lab, which gave a total –total pressure ratio of 2.2 with an adiabatic total-total efficiency of 70%. The experiment was carried out for impeller of diameter 211mm, consisting of 38 blades and conventional diffuser of 33 blades. The experiments were conducted up to 30000rpm. The impeller is designed for pressure ratio of 5 at 47413rpm, to get the operating line, stall line and other characteristics. The compressor stage was analyzed using CFD at 35000rpm, 40000rpm, and 47413rpm.
Centrifugal compressor, Impeller, Diffuser, Splitter blade, Tip Clearance, CFD.
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