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Hybrid Solar Still with Thermoelectric Generators and Evacuated Tubes
Pradeep H , Syeda Sharin
Evacuated tube solar collectors (ETSC) are commonly used for heating water purposes in residential, commercial and industrial applications. ETSC provides better heat collection efficiency since it reduces conduction and convection heat transfer losses to the environment. A thermo electric generator (TEG) is a solid-state generation technology that converts heat directly into electricity without employing any moving parts. It is based on the Seebeck effect, that is, the temperature difference maintained across the opposite faces of the thermo electric cell develops a proportional potential difference across the thermo-junctions, therefore creating electricity. In the present paper, the concept of using TEGs for cleans power electric generation, when coupled with ETSC. The proposed Hybrid Solar Still system consists of eight ETSC, 8 thermoelectric modules. To maintain a reasonable temperature difference across the TEGs and maximize the efficiency, the heat transfer fluid will be in upper level in solar still and TEM’s are mounted just above the ETSC on the solar still. The design of the proposed system is to provide electric power as well as hot water. The proposed combined TEG and ETSC system has the potential to provide electric power for residential and remote area applications, with zero emissions.
Thermoelectric generator system, Hybrid Solar Still, Evacuated tubes.
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