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Evaluation on Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Based Metal Matrix Composite
Thimmaiah A.G , Muthanna K P , Abhishek M A, Guruprasad H S & Suhas K H
In recent years, Aluminum based metal matrix composites are extensively used engineering materials in aerospace and automotive industries, since they have characteristics like high strength to weight ratio, hardness and wear resistance. The result of experimental investigation of aluminum based composites with silicon carbide (SiC) and fly ash, by stir casting is reported in this paper. The casted components are machined to specimen dimensions and are subjected to material testing and mechanical properties. In the present experimentation, the weight fraction of fly ash is varied by keeping SiC percentage (3%). The results show that better strength and hardness is achieved, by making weight of fly ash up to 9% and is reinforced to the metal matrix composite.
Mechanical properties, Silicon carbide, fly ash, composite material.
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