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Optimization of Load Carrying Capability of Tipper Truck Cargo Body Using Non-Linear Structural Analysis
Bhaskar C V , Rangaswamy H & Imran Ali M R
The truck industry is a significant lifeline of the country’s economic activity. There is considerable scope to improve the design of their products. In order to save unloading costs tipper trucks are becoming very popular now a day. These bodies are also known as dump bodies. These are useful in a simple way to unload the material. Loading & unloading capacity of truck significantly influences the cost to the vendor. These tipper trucks are used to carry heavy loads especially countries like India where loads are always exceeds the actual load carrying capacity of the vehicle. There is a considerable scope to improve the tipper truck in terms of loads and design optimization. These vehicles should be designed in such a way that it has to carry over load than the design load. Hence, a design study is made in this analysis to check the maximum load carrying capacity of the vehicle keeping minimum factor of safety of the tipper (FOS=2). With this concept maximum load carrying capacity of tipper dump body is modeled and analyzed. The current study analyses the structural behavior of the body for actual loads and maximum loads that a tipper can bare without failure using Finite Element Modeling (FEM). A non-linear analysis is performed to estimate this max loading capacity. The results obtained from FEM are studied and conclusions are derived from this study and suitable loads are suggested.
FOS, FEM, Tipper truck, design optimization, Stress.
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